The part numbers for KKK or Borgwarner are more difficult to identify because of the numbers to look for on the plate. The numbers are also found on the alloy compressor cover of the turbocharger. There are several examples of a part number for this type of turbocharger, for example:

KO3-0053     5303 970 0053  5303 988 0053
BV39-0022    KP39-0022       5303 970 0022  5303 988 0022
KO4-0020     5303 970 0020  5303 988 0020

Consist of 6-digits followed by further digits after a (-) the whole number will be needed and an example of Garrett part numbers are: 724930-0001 or 753420-0002


The part number will be found on a small plat on the alloy compressor, looking for a number that begins with a '7' or a '4' 

The part numbers of the MHI turbochargers are a prefix consisting of 5 digits which are followed by a (-) then a further 5 digits. The part number can either by found on a plate on the alloy on the compressor cover of the turbocharger or it will be on a 'tag' which will be attached to the turbocharger. 


An example of a part number of an Mitsubishi turbocharger is 49173-07508 


IHI part numbers consist of both letters and numbers and are usually 4 digits long. The number can found also found on the alloy compressor cover of the turbo and an example of a number to look for is:





In order for us to supply the correct turbocharger that is compatible with your vehicle we need the right information from you. If the part number is not to hand or unknown then the vehicle car registration or chassis number will be asked for. However, preferably we require the part number from your turbocharger unit.


Locating this number can be difficult and can vary depending on the turbo manufacturer. Here is a guide to identify the part number on your turbocharger unit based on the manufacturer. We main turbochargers we supply are Garrett, KKK, Borgwarner, Mitsubishi and IHI.