1.0 BTP Exchange Programme


Most of our remanufactured parts in stock are supplied on an exchange basis which means require your old, displaced unit back as part of the contract of sale. In most cases, you will be asked to deposit a surcharge of up to £50 (Turbochargers) and £100 (Electronic Actuators) which is fully refundable once your exact old unit has been recieved.


Reconditioned Turbochargers and Electronic Actuators (on exchange)

To be acceptable for exchange, all old units must relate to the following requirements:

  • Be complete (all components present)

  • Be in an “off-engine” condition (without oil or engine parts)

  • Be the exact same as the unit we have supplied


Failure to adhere to these requirements and specifications may result in you not receiving your entire surcharge. It is vital you follow these instructions before returning your old unit when you remove the old unit from the vehicle. Firstly, the part must be placed inside a sealed bag and packed carefully into a box, well cushioned and protected (bubble wrap). Ideally, reuse the same box we have supplied for the new unit. Please be advised, that a bad packaging may result in the unit becoming damaged (further) or lost. Finally, please ensure the returns label is clearly visible on the outside of the box for the courier to scan.


Once the old unit has been returned and processed, we will begin the phase of refunding the surcharge, which will be visible in your account within 3 working days. If however, you have not received your refund within 7 working days please give us a call on 0121 246 1223.


Placing an order therefore means you have accepted the terms and conditions of the sale and thereby agree that you will be charged a surcharge for the old unit, and understand that this will be refunded in full, once the unit has been returned and meets the requirements (above).
Any questions please call a member of the team




2.0 Warranty

Please be sure you read this prior to fitting your replacement turbocharger or Electronic Actuator (a downloadable version here)


   2.1 What is covered?
This warranty covers any work undertaken by British Auto Parts for a period of 2 years (24 months) after the date
of purchase. Please be reminded, this warranty is for 'parts' only and in the event your part becomes faulty, this will be
subject to a warranty inspection, which will identify the cause of failure
(please allow 24 hours). Should the 'parts' be of fault
then British Turbo Parts will honour this warranty by offering a full refund or replacement unit.


   2.2 Warranty Validity

To ensure this warranty remains valid throughout the 2 year period, please ensure your mechanic follows our supplied
fitting guide (below) when fitting the part(s). Should you inccur any issues you must consult a member of our sales team
first, before removing the part.



Download a copy